CaveMAB is a network of biosphere reserves around the globe that treasure natural and cultural phenomena related to the caves.

This network will focus on connecting those of us working in caves and/or karst areas, recognizing that there are caves in multiple types of geologic environments that may benefit from participation. This network will be multidisciplinary and address the similar challenges we all face, whether social, educational, cultural, or scientific, in protecting the biodiversity of the unique cave and karst environments within the Man and the Biosphere Program. While our mission and objectives will ultimately be decided among those interested in participating, our initial thoughts are to have a data driven network to promote protection of CaveMAB locations, further cave and karst education, enhance community involvement and sustainable development, and provide opportunities for shared experiences and research. Projects that we anticipate would be development of a CaveMAB website, database of cave and karst resources within the MAB program, identification and analysis of economic, social, and environmental benefits and challenges, development of educational materials and workshops, and a network meeting every three years to present results, share experiences, and develop collaborative projects.

Would you like to join us?

Let us know via our contact interface and we will be sending you our invitation letter with further explanation.

Initiative Coordinators:
Karst (and Reka River Basin) Biosphere Reserve, Mammoth Cave Area Biosphere Reserve and National Council of the Atlantic Forest Biosphere Reserve