We announce that the CaveMAB Network will be hosting a free, international webinar, Sustainable Tourism Solutions in Cave and Karst Biosphere Reserves, on November 6-7 2023. 

The webinar will be held in recognition of the UNESCO International Day of Biosphere Reserves as we take “inspiration from of the solutions already implemented in BRs to build genuinely sustainable development everywhere, with full respect for nature and for the living world.”  
Keynote speakers include Dr. Natasa Ravbar, Senior Research Associate, Karst Research Institute of Slovenia, (https://izrkp.zrc-sazu.si/en/sodelavci/natasa-ravbar-en) and Dr. Kelly Cerialo, Professor, Paul Smiths College, Champlain Adirondacks Biosphere Network, USA (https://www.paulsmiths.edu/people/cerialo/). 

We invite you to share sustainable tourism solutions that have been implemented at your BR. For those interested we ask you to submit a brief abstract in English (150 words maximum) to [email protected].

This  Zoom online meeting will include two half-day sessions each beginning with a keynote address followed by selected presentations. Each speaker will have 12 minutes to present followed by a 3-minute period for questions. A presentation template will be provided. Please send your abstract no later than July 28.

Once selected, presenters will be expected to submit their PowerPoint presentation and be available for a practice session before October 31.  
We are looking forward receiving your contributions!