The Karst Biosphere Reserve is located in the south-west part of Slovenia. The core area is located in the WH Property Škocjan Caves. The area is well known for its outstanding natural features, geological and hydrological peculiarities.  The core area is located in the protected area of the Škocjan Caves Park. The buffer zone covers the entire Reka River basin. The river is an important factor in forming the karst underground, carrying and forming underground ecosystems. The transition area consists of the classical karst area that further extends towards the entire Karst region and covers the surface area above the underground Reka river course in the Municipality of Divača.
Other Protection figures: UNESCO World Heritage Site (1986), Škocjan Caves Regional Park (1996, declared by the Government of Republic of Slovenia), Wetland of International Importance Ramsar (1999), Natura 2000 sites: special protected area Karst (SPA) Kras (SI5000023), special conservation interest area (SCI) Kras (SI3000276), special conservation interest area Reka (SCI – SI3000223).

UNESCO MAB WNBR database file

Park Škocjanske jame, Slovenija Public Agency